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10 X 10

Sedna is the Goddess of the Sea. Said to rule over all marine life and the waters. Water is a powerful force, but there is balance to it. IN flow, OUT flow. Sedna is here to remind you to have balance within your life. To receive as much as you give. The whales also have a part in the divine message of this piece...they are amazing helpers to the marine community; helping stabilize marine conditions deep below the waters. They go on to help even when they pass on, giving many species the chance to feed. Animals are so amazing!!

From the SOUL:SPIRIT:SPARKLE Collection.

Mixed Media collage by artist Stephanie Ignazio 

  • Acrylic Paint and various handmade papers on Wooden Panel
  • 10x10 inches 
  • .75 inch Gallery Style Wooden Panel
  • Signed on back
  • Sides painted and Varnished with protective finish
  • Professional packaging, tracking and insurance