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10 X 10

The Goddess Saraswati: the truest essence of intuition, creativity, and wisdom. Connected to the cycles of the moon and the wisdom flowing within. We all have Saraswati flowing within us...we only need to tap into its glorious energy.⁠⠀
Saraswati teaches you to listen within and trust your intuition. Allow yourself to connect to your inner power and create an authentic life dictated by your inner wisdom.⁠⠀

From the SOUL:SPIRIT:SPARKLE Collection.

Mixed Media collage by artist Stephanie Ignazio 

  • Acrylic Paint and various handmade papers on Wooden Panel
  • 10x10 inches 
  • .75 inch Gallery Style Wooden Panel
  • Signed on back
  • Sides painted and Varnished with protective finish
  • Professional packaging, tracking and insurance